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4 Best Reasons Why a Power-Loomed Rug is the Smart Choice for Your New Place

Written by Alyssa Hanna and Christian Sippel
Thursday, May 16, 2019

You can thank modern technology, again, because today you can decorate your home with area rugs that have all the jaw-dropping beauty of handmade heirloom rugs, but you won’t have to break the bank to get one, nor will you have to worry the family dog might ruin it. Power-loomed rugs are the smart home interior designer’s choice for practical and utterly fashionable area rugs, and here are four of the best reasons why one of these fabulously functional floor coverings should be on your shopping list when decorating your new home or refreshing the decor of any living space.


Today’s power-loomed rugs are designed with the same, intricately detailed patterns that you’ll find in fine hand-knotted rugs. Rug-makers have come a long way in developing power-looming technology, using computer-driven looms that control every aspect of the weaving process. Modern looms can incorporate many more colors and types of yarns than ever before, resulting in beautifully detailed patterns and a wide range of textures and finishes. From washed hues and distressed finishes to raised motifs and soft close-cut piles, power loomed rugs offer a treasure trove of decorative choices.


One of the many benefits of a power-loomed rug is that they’re durable; able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday family living (within reason!). Whether its dirty shoes, spilt juice or an overly-enthusiastic puppy, power loomed rugs made with synthetic yarns are easy-care and easy-clean. And, should your new rug become the victim of a mess of unspeakable magnitude, power loomed rugs are the most reasonably priced area rugs on the market, so it’s not like a “thousand-year” spill will be ruining a costly family heirloom.


Whether you want a rug that looks like a classic Oriental carpet or something a bit more fun, funky, and boho-fabulous, power-loomed rugs offer a world of choices at a reasonable price point for every taste and budget. Decorating a new home, or even just refreshing the look of a new room can be costly. A power-loomed rug offers the home decorator the option of owning an eye-catching centerpiece area rug with enough left in the budget to complete the look with new lamps, accent tables, and accessories.


Power-loomed rugs are also made in a variety of designs, styles, and materials, so it’s easy to find the look, blend of colors and textures you envision for any room in the home or home business office. From shags and traditional heirloom renditions, to durable indoor-outdoor rugs, kitchen rugs with non-skid backing and abstract contemporary styles, there’s a power-loomed rug that’s stylish, family-friendly, and won’t break the bank.

Photos provided by Safavieh. View additional rugs in this collection.

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